Ottoman Beds

Large underbed compartments in ottoman beds, also known as lift-up beds, provide a functional storage option without losing beauty. They’re ideal for small bedrooms or households with limited storage, and they’re simple to use.

What is an ottoman bed?
An ottoman bed is a sort of space-saving bed in which the mattress and base lift up to reveal a storage compartment beneath. Gas-lift hydraulic pistons are used to accomplish this, making it simple to access regardless of strength or size. Ottoman storage beds can be accessed from either the foot end or the side. Check out our ottoman bed guide for more information on the subject.

What are the advantages of having an ottoman bed?
The most significant advantage of an ottoman storage bed is the amount of room it saves. Ottoman beds have the biggest storage space of any storage bed base, thanks to a lift-up lid that makes use of the entire frame. Ottoman bed frames alleviate storage problems by allowing you to store a lot of stuff and maximise your floor space without the need for extra wardrobes, drawers, or other storage options.

What are the different varieties of ottoman beds?
We provide a wide variety of ottoman bed shapes and functionalities, allowing you to discover the ideal storage option for your bedroom.

Upholstered ottoman beds
An upholstered ottoman bed is our most popular form of ottoman. To provide a soft and tactile surface, choose from a selection of fabrics such as faux leather, velvet finish, or woven materials. A matching fabric headboard is generally included with an upholstered ottoman bed.

Our cushioned ottoman beds come in a variety of colours to fit your preferences. Find neutral colours like black, ivory, and grey that will go with practically any bedroom decor. To make a style statement, consider an upholstered ottoman bed in a stronger colour like royal blue, emerald green, or blush pink. Check out our upholstered beds with shadow ottomans, created in conjunction with House Beautiful.


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