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Product Details

Divan Ottoman Wingback Bed


Introducing our exclusive design new ottoman bed with a range of advantages over a traditional divan ottoman. Divan Ottoman, the ever most popular storage bed that you can’t do wrong with for the price, quality and the most valuable space it offers…


Product Description


Introducing our exclusive design new ottoman bed with a range of advantages over a traditional divan ottoman. Divan Ottoman, the ever most popular storage bed that you can’t do wrong with for the price, quality and the most valuable space it offers. It is finished in lovely various fabric and colour (main in pictures is Plush velvet) by skilled hands at our factory. Since almost every house in UK struggles with space, this bed is a blessing in disguise to hide away a massive junk of household stuff and tidy up your room.

Designed & Produced by Meraki Group Ltd after a year long research & development. We aimed to use recyclable environment friendly materials. We cut down on the use of wood by 50% and instead used metal hence saving precious trees.

Our ottoman wingback bed is designed with splendid features to give a graceful look to any bedroom. It offers a state of the art design and has crystals on the headboard and footboard as you can see in the picture and will be a great addition to your home.

Ottoman wingback can be made now in many crushed velvet materials, leather, crushed velvet, naple velvet and Chenille materials which gives it an exclusive appearance and will give you a sense of luxury on a day to day basis. The bed comes in a range of variety colours to give you a choice of what will suit your needs.

This bed is designed and crafted with high quality materials and a strong base to give it stability. It’s easy to assemble and the solid base ensures its ability to last for many years and hold up heavy loads and provide an even sleeping surface.

What is different about our Ottoman Bed:

Our bed comes with:

  • Metal Frame Lid that is sturdy and built to last.
  • Metal Frame with strong wire mesh, allowing ventilation for the mattress hence prolonging its life.
  • A solid based supported by 5 strong slats under the base to ensure it carries the weight.
  • Combination of wood and brand new laminated MFC; we strictly do not use any A/B/C grade chipboard.
  • Genuine quality fabrics over 200 gsm which is produced for upholstery purpose; hence durable and the colours don’t fade.
  • UK standard certified foam & polyester fillings in the headboards.

Advantages Over a Traditional Ottoman:

  1. A traditional ottoman requires assembling the wooden top lids, gas springs as well as the base with bolts; our New Ottoman comes pre-assembled with the metal frame tops. All you need to do is to connect the gas springs inside, put in 2 U-clips and the base is ready.
  2. A traditional wooden lid ottoman has several drawbacks; for instance, the Wooden Lid will spring up like a rocket if there’s no mattress on the base. Our New Metal Frame Ottoman stays closed even if there’s no mattress on it, it only opens up once you lift the tops to about 6-8 inches high.
  3. In a traditional ottoman the wooden lid can easily go out of the alignment with the base; this can happen if the bed gets knocked about during transit or delivery. Our New Ottoman has an embedded Metal Frame lid which nicely sits into the bed frame and hence is not exposed outside.
  4. The traditional ottoman comes with a lid covered in layers of materials not allowing any sort of ventilation for the mattress; our new wire mesh design metal frame lid allows air to circulate through the mattress that prolongs it’s life.
  5. The traditional ottoman mostly comes with an arch shape handle hole; our New Ottoman has two metal handles which serve as Handles as well as fitting for the mattress.

The list goes on, to sum up, it’s absolutely worth spending a little extra and get a bed that shall last you for years, is very easy to assemble and looks stunning.

1. Colour Choice
Choose from the variety of colours in the luxurious soft PLUSH Velvet to make it fit your room theme.

2. Features

  • Made in England
  • Sturdy frame built to last
  • Environment Friendly
    Uses New Materials
  • Strong Wooden Slats
    High Quality Genuine Fabrics
  • UK standard certified foam fillings

3. Why Buy from Us?
Direct from Factory
100% Positive Feedback
Great Customer Service

4. Guarantee
All our beds come with 1-year guarantee to give you full peace of mind.

5. Customer Service
We have a friendly and professional customer service who make sure all our customers are happy with their purchase. Should you need assistance at any stage of the order, were always here to help.


We do not have any other branches – if you find the same beds elsewhere cheaper! Then please be aware it probably is a CHEAP REPLICA! with pre used and unregulated materials not conforming to UK Fire and Safety Regulations.

We only use fully Brand New and Fully FR Compliant Materials for your Peace of Mind. No Off cuts!


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