The Rosemary Wingback Bed

The Rosemary Wingback Bed is the latest variation to the Classic or Butterfly Wingback beds we offer.

This unique design boasts a soft beautiful but luxurious design of the classic wingback bed. Stay ahead of the game with our unique design offered from 2020 exclusively. The Rosemary Wingback Bed packs a 54inches tall headboard with stunning Diamond or Fabric buttons to finish.

The Rosemary wingback with upholstered is one of the latest trends to hit the market. The wing on headboard distinctive the design with luxurious of  diamonds or fabric buttons helps create a focal point and sense of grandeur at its best. By adding this to your royal makeover bedroom, you will surely transform it into a luxurious, comfortable heave. The headboard is also padded to ensure comfort when unwinding and stealing some time for yourself with a good book.